This is a very solid professional company. Very easy to work with very flexible with scheduling the most important, very reasonable. Today's age with insurance coverages lawsuits a lot of companies don't want to pay for premium coverage this company has covered all of its bases in thrives off of Word of Mouth. I use them for my own store and trust him with any piano weather it's below in or the most expensive in the world they treat them all with the utmost respect.
Jeanne Milligan
I live in San Francisco. I had an impossible situation, a piano that would not fit through the door; Andrew and Jorden spent a great deal of time figuring out just how to get it out; they were cautious, thoughtful, experienced, patient, and determined. They finally figured out how to dismantle a desk, in order to accomplish their goal and they succeeded with no nicks, no hitting of walls, no scraping of paint and no complaining. All of which put them into the commuter traffic from S.F. to Sacramento. Good humored and hard working and a great pleasure. Highly recommend.
nicole cox
MattandDanielle Love
I can't say enough good things about the guys who delivered our piano. They arrived on time, and were very patient with my request to dust off the piece prior to bringing it inside. I was impressed by their professionalism and care even before I was given a huge show of appreciation for my role as an RN. Their humble respect for my profession during this pandemic was overwhelming -- totally made my year. Thank you so very much!